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Why your business needs fttb and why ftth isn’t good enough

Most business services, including video conferencing, streaming, VOIP calls, cloud storage and back-up as well as many software platforms, are dependent on a quality internet connection. Access and investment into a stable, fast, low-latency link at your business is therefore essential to productivity and scalability and is without a doubt an asset to any organisation.…
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Fibre land grab accelerates

The rapid momentum towards fibre rollout in SA is set to gain speed this year, as the Competition Commission forces Telkom to discount access to its fast-speed network. The Internet Service Providers’ Association adds the 2013 settlement has already “provided a degree of pricing relief to consumers and competitors in the specified markets”. Adding in fibre “recognises the increasing…
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The workplace of the future

The step changes in our economic reality caused by the pandemic have led to a megatrend relating to remote working and productivity enabled by the powerful modern Internet and smart solutions we have to hand. Remote working has proven to be an effective and productive model for employees, with many organisations re-evaluating their operational models…
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Why you don’t need to join the great WhatsApp migration

Virtual crowds have gathered on Facebook and Facebook Messenger – which collects more data than WhatsApp – to object to WhatsApp collecting the same amount of data. If they had listened to the experts many could have been spared being swept up in a wild international spike in hysteria and the mass migration from WhatsApp (bought…
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Great news for South Africans waiting for fibre

The rollout of fibre in South Africa could soon be faster and more effective, according to major fibre network operators. This is if the regulations contained in the Proposed Policy and Policy Direction on the Rapid Deployment of Electronic Communications Networks and Facilities come into effect. The purpose of the proposed policy direction is to…
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PRIMERGY Server demonstrates world record performance in independent benchmark

The recently launched new-generation FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX4770 M6 has set new world records for performance. Its unmatched processing power is verified both for demanding in-memory environments with the SAP BW edition for SAP HANA benchmark[1] and for large-scale virtual infrastructures with VMware’s VMmark benchmark[2]. In a SAP standard application benchmark using SAP HANA databases…
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Teraco pumps R4bn into Africa’s largest data centre project

Carrier- and cloud-neutral colocation data centre solutions provider Teraco Data Environments today announced construction has commenced on a new hyperscale data centre, with 38-megawatts (MW) of critical power load, in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg. Teraco has access to an open access platform. If you are deployed in Teraco, you can access whichever carrier you want because we don’t sell…
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Here’s what you need to know about 5G in SA

Rolling out 5G means a lot more cellphone towers, and that takes time Due to the radio frequency that 5G uses, high-frequency waves which enable faster data speeds but don’t travel as far, it needs more base stations to work. Existing cellphone towers can be upgraded but network operators will also need to build more infrastructure.…
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