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The workplace of the future

The step changes in our economic reality caused by the pandemic have led to a megatrend relating to remote working and productivity enabled by the powerful modern Internet and smart solutions we have to hand.

Remote working has proven to be an effective and productive model for employees, with many organisations re-evaluating their operational models to embed a more sustainable and permanent approach to working from home.

The reality is that the working from home model that has defied the perception that employees take advantage or don’t do their jobs properly. Instead, it has translated into considerable savings on real estate rental and maintenance costs, as well as having a positive effect on societal issues such as road congestion and pollution.

Agility, cost-efficiency and security are critical to ensuring the distributed workforce enjoys an enterprise-grade experience, consistently. This introduces advanced collaboration, document sharing and remote engagement tools that connect people across multiple locations and continents.

This has been a step change in the future of technology which necessitates a change in the way we think about IT. Technology leaders have become the masters of change and are directing their attention toward the following four angles:

  • A strategic review of their technology stack
  • The “mirrored world”
  • The democratisation of technology
  • The importance of security

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