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Unlimited calls

R499 / month
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Call to any network
  • Internet required
  • SIP phone compatible

Hosted PBX

R649 / month
  • Full Features
  • Per second call rates
  • Save 60% of your current bill
  • Real time billing
  • On call support

One line VoiP

R150 / month
  • Per second call rates
  • Call on hold
  • Call waiting
  • Itemised billing
  • Landline numbers, 031,011 & 021

Our Services

The Hosted PBX is the perfect solution for small businesses. You pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited VoIP talk time to all SA destinations + Hosted PBX with all functionalities

Active Itemised billing

View billing online as you transact.

Ring Groups

Choose numbers to direct calls

Business Budget

Set call limits & manage outgoing calls


Music on Hold

Free call holding voice or music

Call Forwarding

Choose to activate calls to any number instantly

Call Recording

Free service on full PBX system only

What is Hosted PBX ?

Hosted PBX is a SIP-based hosted IP-PBX business phone system. Hosted PBX is composed of SIP Proxy, Registrar, and Presence server components that work together to allow real-time communication over IP networks

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