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Fibre to the Home

– 25mbps R699pm
– Free Installation
– Wifi Router
– Free Installation

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Wireless LTE

No Landline at home/work? Fixed LTE Wireless Internet
from R199pm
– Free Delivery

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We offer a host of services from VoIP,
Cloud-based Hosted PBX
From R99pm

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Web Design

Let us guide you through setting up a website:
– From secure hosting
– Web designing , emails 

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Here’s what you need to know about 5G in SA

Rolling out 5G means a lot more cellphone towers, and that takes time
Due to the radio frequency that 5G uses, high-frequency waves which enable faster data speeds but don’t travel as far, it needs more base stations to work. Existing cellphone towers can be upgraded but network operators will also need to build more infrastructure.

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What is Broadband Internet 
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We are passionate about enabling your business through technology.We are passionate about enabling your business through technology.

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